Sunday, May 29, 2016

Inverness + Isle of Skye

Getting to the Isle of Skye was difficult without having a car so we decided to go to Inverness instead and take a day tour to Skye - but little did we know that Inverness was such a tiny town that you could walk through the whole city in under 2 hours 

Scenic train ride to Inverness which took 4 hrs

Inverness was rather quirky in the sense that there were numerous street performers/artists on the road just doing their thing e.g. this fella above 

I was trying to carry Rachel but we both collapsed into a fit of laughter after I realized I wasn't ready to carry her when she had already started to jump into my arms 

Channeling our sense of balance after doing some intense parkour (intense by our standards)

Forests are just so calming :') 

We saw a little food stand across the road and had to climb a wall just 1.5m high to get to the road level (Rachel struggled a lot HAHA) to get across it - she had some ice cream while I had some pistachio nuts!

After we had a short break at what turned out to be a mini golf course, we took a pee break at a movie theatre we passed by and decided to take another break under a cherry blossom tree :) 
As we were just sitting on the grass, eating vegetable crisps and talking about veganism, there were 3 girls around 5-6 yrs of age, who were plucking the flowers from the tree, and just as Rachel and I were whispering in their direction ' Don't kill the flowers!', one of them came over and gave us a flower each and 5 mins later, another one of the girls did the same thing! It was incredibly sweet and made us so happy :') 

We had Pizza Express for dinner that night! 

The next day we had our Day Tour to Skye! 
The first stop was to the Loch Ness and it was actually not as exciting as I'd imagine it to be because we were literally just standing in front of this huge lake, but I guess it's something to check off my 'places I've been to' list!

Next stop was the Eilean Donan castle 
This young boy was playing the bagpipe outside the castle and tourist were taking photos of and with him and I just thought it was so nice that they still keep this tradition amongst the youth of Scotland (or perhaps it was his summer job - who knows)

and I thought this was quite funny that I managed to capture this young Scottish boy in his traditional attire using his mobile phone 

On the way to the castle, we stopped to visit some highland cows aka Hairy Coos!! They were soooo cute but I really wish we could've seen more :'( 

This one looked like he/she was smiling as he/she was eating :)

We then stopped at a restaurant for lunch, but Rachel and I had already bought small salad boxes from M&S the previous day and chose a strategic spot far away from the kitchen to sneakily eat our food in the restaurant! We also only had one spoon and so Rachel stole a spoon from the restaurant - the one she's holding here hahahaha

We then stopped at Portree, which was a little town in Skye

After Portree, we visited 3 more scenic spots of which I could not remember their names. The tour ended at around 6pm and Rachel and I then went for a Thai dinner! I ordered a green curry and Rachel had a pad thai and right before the waitress left with our orders, she asked if we wanted some papadum and we of course agreed as we thought she offered it as a free appetizer. Now thinking back, of course the appetizer was not free and when the bill came, Rachel and I had to hold back our laughter when we were paying as we saw that the papadum was an extra £4. It was not even a funny situation because we had to pay more, but we just couldn't believe how naive and silly we were!! Oh wells 

Skye was really beautiful and it was scenic throughout the drive - picture mountains and valleys everywhere and an occasional massive lake literally anywhere that you drive to. However, I would definitely come back for again in the future and this time with a car so I could visit the main attraction points like the Fairy Pools and the Old Man of Storr 

The next day (Mon 16/5), we got up in the morning and caught our 10:45 am train back to Edinburgh :) 

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